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Middle School
13250 Park St
Alden, NY 14004
Principal: William MacCowan
(716) 937-9116, 2191

graphic Subjects » Writing » Unit 3 » Write a Diary Entry

Write a Diary Entry

Dear Diary,
     Today's trip to our uncle's farm was fun! I rode my grandmother's horse. Later, it was my two cousins' turns.  The horse licked my one cousin's face! Later we took a children's tour of the farm. I saw Mom's favorite duck and Dad's favorite pig. My grandfather's favorite is the old hen who lays and egg every day. I think farm animals' lives are better than people's lives!

Imagine you are a farm animal who keeps a diary.  Write a diary entry that describes a typical day on the farm.  Try to use at least five of your spelling words.

Mr. Neidel
Alden Central School
716-937-9116 ext 3202

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