Alden Softball

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    Coaching Staff

    Varsity Coach: Jeff Kryszczuk

    JV Coach: Sandy Gauthier

    Modified Coach: Deb Stoldt


    The Three Levels of Competition 

    Modified – This level emphasizes team play as well as teaching and practicing the fundamentals of a  given sport. The goal is for all participants to receive meaningful playing time. Playing time may not  be equal for all participants. Each participant will compete in every contest unless a rule has been  violated or the coach has a valid reason that the participant should not be a part of that contest.  Winning is not the primary objective.   

    Junior Varsity – At this level an increased emphasis is placed on team play, physical conditioning and  refining fundamental skills. Winning is emphasized, but is not the primary focus. Meaningful contest  participation will exist over the course of the season, however, a specified amount of playing time is  never guaranteed.   

    Varsity – Team play, sportsmanship, individual ability, physical conditioning, motivation, and attitude  are all important aspects of competing at the varsity level. Winning is emphasized and not all players  may play in every competition. It is vital that each team member understand their role on the team  and know its importance.