Parent’s Resource Book List

  • Title of Book


    Parents Who Love Reading, Kids Who Don’t: How It Happens And What You Can Do About It

    M. Leonhardt

    Ending The Homework Hassle

    J. Rosemond

    What Growing Up Is All About

    A. Vernon & R. Al-Mabuk

    The Absolutely True, Positively Awesome Book About... Me!

    J. Wilber

    How To Handle A Hard-To-Handle Kid

    C. D. Edwards

    Taming The Dragon In Your Child: Solutions For Breaking The Cycle Of Family Anger

    M. Eastman & S. Rozen

    The School Savvy Parent: 635 Insider Tips To Help You Help Your Child

    R. Clark, D. Hawkins, & B. Vachon

    Your One Year Old: The Fun-Loving, Fussy 12-To-24-Month-Old

    L. Bates Ames, F. L. Ilg, & C. C. Haber

    Homemade Books To Help Kids Cope

    R. Ziegler

    I Didn’t Ask To Be In This Family: Sibling Relationships And How They Shape Adult Behavior And Dependencies

    A. Twerski

    Raising Cain: Protecting The Emotional Life of Boys

    D. Kindlon & M. Thompson

    How To Do Homework Without Throwing Up

    T. Romain

    Caring For Your Children

    H. Cantwell

    It’s My Body: A Book To Teach Young Children How To Resist Uncomfortable Touch

    L. Freeman

    Child Discipline: Guidelines For Parents

    G. May

    What Young Children Need To Succeed (birth to 11)

    J. Roehlkepartain & N. Leffert

    Helping The Child Who Doesn’t Fit In

    S. Nowicki & M. Duke

    Life’s Greatest Lessons: 20 Things I Want My Kids To Know

    H. Urban

    Understanding The Defiant Child

    R. A. Barkley

    What Kids Need To Succeed

    P. L. Benson,  J. Galbraith, & P. Espeland

    How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

    A. Faber & E. Mazlish

    Bridging The Gap: Raising A Child With Nonverbal Learning Disorder

    R. V. Whitney

    Why Kids Lie: How Parents Can Encourage Truthfulness


    P. Ekman