Yearbook Staff Information

  • Our yearbook staff is an amazing group of students that take their assignments seriously. They make schedules and assign coverage of the sporting events, school activities, concerts, musicals and all of the many other exciting things that happen at Alden High School to make sure they are included in the yearbook in addition to designing layouts, colors and type designs.

    We welcome anyone that mat be interested in joining our team. Please email me at if you are interested in AHS yearbook.

    We look forward to a successful yearbook for the 2021 school year.



    ADVISER: Mrs. La Bar

    937-9116 X 2193



    SENIOR EDITOR: Amelia Kelley 

    SENIOR CO-EDITOR/DESIGN - Lawson Ribbeck






    Aubrey Matthewson

    Maggie Piechocki

    Kailey Gaffney

    Bronwen Harris

    Tori Gibbs

    Alyssa Tyczka

    Emerson Bartsch