• Welcome to Basic Electricity

    Basic Electricity is an introductory course to the tools, practices, and techniques that revolve around working with residential electricity.  The students will begin by getting a basic understanding of electricity, how it moves, and how it is generated.  They will then move on to understanding the concepts that revolve around wiring in a residential setting.  By the end of this course, students should have a general understanding or the processes and techniques used for residential electricity.

    Some of the areas that are covered in this class are:

    • Electrical careers and concepts
      • Current and future electrical careers
      • New emerging electrical concepts
    • Atomic level of Electricity
      • Atomic structure
      • Movement of electrons
    • AC vs DC
      • History
      • Tesla vs Edison
      • Differences between and their applications
    • Residential Wiring
      • Components
      • Circuit breakers
      • Wiring diagrams
      • Types of wires
      • Proper wiring techniques
    • Digital Electricity (if time allows)
      • Basic Components
      • Ohm’s Law
      • Soldering techniqes

    My hope for this class is that students will have a deeper understanding of how electricity works, how to wire basic components in a residential setting, and the many possible careers that are available.