Metals Manufacturing 2


           This course is meant to be an advanced and individual learning style course compared to the 1st metals course.  The expectation is that the students will have the ability to utilize new machines that were not introduced already, as well as hone their skills in the areas previously taught. 

    Some of the areas that are covered in this class are:

    • Welding
      • GMAW (MIG) – Gas Metal Arc Welding
      • TIG - Tungsten Inert Gas
      • Traditional Stick
    • Plasma cutting
    • Advanced sheet metal fabrication techniques
      • Product development
      • HVAC
    • Material classification
      • Physical differences in strength and uses of different materials
      • Weldability of different materials
    • Solid Metal fabrication
      • Manual Mill
      • Manual Lathes
    • Design – Final project incorporates all of the following:
      • Idea generation
      • Sketches
      • Layouts
      • Technical Drawings
      • Material cost analysis
      • Final Product cost analysis
      • Production of product

    My hope for this class is that students will have a deeper understanding of the different ways the world works with materials.  I try to dive deeper into the welding and fabrication areas so that students understand the concepts behind it rather than just knowing how to do something.