Design and Drawing for Production (DDP)

  •          DDP is an introductory course into technical drawing and the design process.  The students will have a basic understanding of the process a product goes through from first thought through production.  By the end of this course, students will have a general understanding of different computer programs used for product production as well as the basic methods in which industry creates technical drawings


    Some of the areas that are covered in this class are:

    • Design Process
      • Process a product will go through from first thought through production
    • Isometric Drawing
      • Creating drawings that are 3 dimensional
      • Understanding how to interpret Isometric Drawings
    • Orthographic Drawing
      • Creating three main views from an isometric drawing
      • Dimensioning and positioning
      • Line Types and there specific uses
    • Prototyping
      • Different types of prototypes that are created
      • Stages of prototypes.
    • CAD – Computer Aided Drafting
      • How to create objects in a CAD program
      • Creating technical drawings for a production environment
      • Prototyping from CAD files
      • 3d Printing as a method of Prototyping
    • CO2 Car Design and production
      • Creating CO2 Cars based on Aerodynamics in CAD software
      • Utilizing many different tools to prototype their design