• If your child will not be able to participate in Physical Education class (PE) for a day or two, you must notify the school in writing.  Your note should include the following information: 

    1. The date you are writing the note 

    2. Your child's first and last name

    3. The date your child will not be able to participate 

    4. The reason they cannot participate

    5.  Your signature

    *Important* If your child will be out of Phys. Ed. for more than two days, you must provide the school with a written note from your child's physician.

    Please send all PE excuse notes to the Health Office.


    Chronic Medical Conditions

    If your child has a chronic medical condition or health issue which requires limitations on their physical activity, please have their doctor complete an "Evaluation of Physical Education Participation Capability" form.  This form is available from the school nurse or you may click the "Health Forms" tab on your left to print one at home. 

    Please note that this must be renewed annually.