Puerto Rico Inquiry

Should Puerto Rico Be a State?

  • This inquiry examines the historical and contemporary factors surrounding the debate over Puerto Rico’s statehood. The compelling question “Should Puerto Rico be a state?” provides students with an opportunity to participate in the debate by focusing on national and cultural identities and the economic arguments for and against Puerto Rico’s statehood. The inquiry embeds Taking Informed Action throughout the Staging the Compelling Question and formative performance tasks and culminates in students taking part in an informed debate.


    Questions students will focus on during inquiry:

    1. How did Puerto Rico become a US territory?

    2. What efforts has Puerto Rico made to obtain statehood or independence?

    3.What are the arguments in favor of Puerto Rico's independence or statehood?

    4. What are the arguments against Puerto Rico's indepence or statehood?


    Students will then pick a side themselves and create a debate.