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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Attention Students: 



    How do I schedule and select my Senior Formal Portraits?

    Senior Formal Portraits are done by Inter-State Studio. Several appointments will be setup over the course of the Summer prior to the start of Senior Year. You should go  to the "Senior Formal'" tab, and follow the instructions to book your appointment. Students will select which photo they would like to use for their portrait during their sitting. 

    NOTE: The deadline listed on the 'Senior Formal' page on this website is final. Nothing will be accepted late.


    How do I schedule and select my Senior Casual Portraits?

    Inter-State Studio also offers the ability to do Senior Casuals. If you'd like Legacy Studios to take your casual photos, you should call them at 716-240-9285. Additionally, you could have a friend or completely different photographer take your photo! If so, please be sure it is a high resolution image and is uploaded to the 'Senior Casuals' page by the due date provided on the page.

    NOTE: The deadline listed on the 'Senior Casual' page on this website is final. Nothing will be accepted late.


    What do I need to do to schedule retakes for my Senior Formal or Casuals?

    Please see the information below regarding picture retakes.


    What do I do if I forgot which image I chose in my sitting or wish to change it?

    You will need to contact Inter-State Studio for assistance with this. Alden HS does not receive the photos until they have all been processed by Inter-State. Their Customer Care Department can be reached at 716-240-9285


    How do I purchase a Senior Baby Ad?

    Jostens (our Yearbook supplier) does the creating baby ads on their end. This simplifies the process because you can speak directly with the designer for your ad if need be! Go to the 'Senior Baby Ads' link on the side of the website for more information.  

    NOTE: Please DO NOT send baby photos, ad info, or money to the high school for these ads. These ads are not designed on campus and these items will be sent back to you if received.


    When are Senior Quotes Due?

    All information regarding Senior Quotes can be found on the 'Senior Quotes' page on the left side of this page.  ALL quotes will now be submitted online! No hard copies or other submission types will be accepted.

    NOTE: The deadline listed on the 'Senior Quotes' page on this website guarantees your quote is entered. Quotes may be allowed after the deadline for a late fee within a reasonable time frame determined by the advisor.




    When do we get information about picture day?

    Picture day information will typically be distributed at school within the first few days of school. Students will receive information to order pictures, when picture day is, what time they are scheduled for, etc. It is distributed at school and it is their responsibility to bring it home.


    What do students need to bring with them on picture day?

    On photo day, students should bring their completed order form or their printed receipt and a smile!


    What if a parent has pre-ordered online, but their child forgets the receipt on photo day? 

    If a student forgets their receipt, our photographers can make note of it and our Customer Care folks will ensure the correct package is ordered by calling 716-240-9285


    Can a student still order photos if they did not turn in an order form on photo day?

    Of course! If a student does not turn in a completed order form on photo day and does not pre-pay online, they will receive a “proof” when the pictures are returned to the school. This proof will list their online passcode so they can access their personal, password-protected online photo gallery. Please be aware that these prices are slightly higher due to individual shipping costs. 


    How does retake day work?

    Students who missed original photo day or would like to have a new photo taken will be photographed on retake day. Students who missed original picture day should bring their completed order form to the photographer. If they are not placing an order at that time, they will receive a proof when the packages are returned to the school with their gallery passcode. If a student is having their picture retaken, they should bring their original picture package to the photographer and we will re-order their original package with their new photo.


    What happens if a student forgets to bring their original picture package to retake day?

    If a student forgets their original package, the photographer will give them a form with instructions on how to return the package(s) in order to receive their new photos. 




    How can parents contact Inter-State's Customer Care Department?

    Our Customer Care Department can be reached Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM at 716-240-9285 or via email here: https://www.inter-state.com/Support