• Welcome to English 9!  This course should be both challenging and exciting as you embark on your first year of high school.  I look forward to working with you.


    Materials:  The following materials need to be brought each day unless told otherwise:

    *pens – blue/black ink only

    *loose leaf paper

    *3 ring red binder (2 inches) for English materials ONLY

    * agenda (you will not be allowed to leave the room without this)

    * 100 index cards

    * colored pencils

    * highlighters

    * composition notebook


    We will be reading the following major works: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, The Odyssey by Homer, Night by Elie Wiesel, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, and The Miracle Worker by William Gibson. We will also be reading short stories, poetry, and completing a mini research project.



    Attendance and attentiveness will significantly affect your grade.  Tests and quizzes count heavily on your average.  My job is not to trick you but to assess whether or not you understand the material taught.  Therefore, everything discussed in class is fair game for a quiz or test.  Tests are given at the completion of a literary work or unit of study.



    Homework is a substantial part of your grade.  I DO NOT accept late homework unless arrangements have been made prior to the class. The reason for this strict policy is because I am preparing you for professional and scholarly obligations where you will have to plan ahead.  You will have work outside of class.  Often it is completing a reading assignment, worksheets, or a writing activity.


    Attendance Policy:

    If you are absent it is YOUR responsibility to speak to me about missed work.  I will not hunt you down.  You have two days, after you return, to make up work. If you do not make up a missed quiz/test/homework assignment within two days of your return it will then be a ZERO.


    Late Policy:

    Don’t be late!!  You have five minutes passing time between blocks.  Five minutes is ample time to go to your locker, use the lavatory, etc.  You will receive a referral if you are late.



    Arrive to class on time.

    Bring supplies to class each day.

    You are expected to abide by all school rules, complete assignments on time, maintain attendance and participation in class discussions and activities, treat others with respect, and commit to success.

    Cell phones need to be turned in and placed in the bin as you enter the classroom.



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