Laptop Protection Plan

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    The cost of the Laptop Protection Plan is an annual nonrefundable fee.

    The laptop Protection Plan does not cover damage or loss due to dishonest, fraudulent, intentional, negligent, or criminal acts. This laptop Protection Plan will be null and void if we determine that a laptop has been removed from its protective case by someone other than the IT department. The Plan will cover up to 3 claims, after which the laptop must stay at school.  If students/families do not enroll in the laptop Protection Plan, the laptop will remain in school and they are fully responsible for any repair and/or replacement costs in the same way they would be responsible for any other damaged or lost school property (estimated cost to repair or replace damaged items WITHOUT the Protection Plan are below):


    The Alden Central School District is providing a protection plan for students and their families as part of the One to the World Program.  Enrollment in the Protection Plan is optional. If students and their families do not enroll in the protection plan, they may carry full liability in the same way they do for other damaged or lost school property.

    1. Ownership: All laptops provided by the district are the property of the Alden Central School District. Students who have purchased the Protection Plan available through the district will be permitted to take the laptop assigned to them home with them daily.

    2. Terms of Agreement: Laptops will be distributed to students before school begins in September, and will be collected from students at the end of the school year in June. Students who are suspended or leave the district must return their assigned laptop and any school accessories on or before the date that they leave.

    3. Use of Laptop: Educational content and resources will be delivered through the laptop and students will often be called upon to collaborate, communicate, and create. For this to occur, students are expected to bring their laptop to school in working order and fully charged each day. Students, with support from families, are expected to manage their laptop in a way that minimizes the likelihood of damage, loss, and theft. It is the responsibility of the student to back up any personal content from the laptop before the date the laptop will be collected. Usage of the laptop must be consistent with district policies and the Student Code of Conduct. Acceptable Use Policies are applicable for the device both in and outside of school.

    4. Cost of Use: The district will purchase the laptop, pen, protective case, bag and all required applications associated with it. Families have the option of purchasing the laptop Protection Plan to offset unanticipated costs due to damage or theft of the laptop (see section 5).

    5. Protection of Laptop: Families are strongly encouraged to purchase the laptop Protection Plan from the district to cover repair and/or replacement costs in the event a laptop is damaged, destroyed, or stolen. The laptop Protection Plan will insure the laptop for the duration of the Term of this Agreement (one school year).