• Concert Band

    1 Credit

    Prerequisite: Completion of Middle School Band and/or Permission of Instructor

     Concert Band is the entry level instrumental ensemble at Alden High School.  Students who wish to start studying instrumental music in high school may enroll in Concert Band after reviewing course expectations with the instructor.  The course is composed of most incoming freshmen as well as those upperclassmen fulfilling a music requirement.  Expertise on a wind or percussion instrument is developed during daily rehearsals and a weekly group lesson.  Music from a wide variety of traditions and historical periods are studied to improve musical technique, understanding and awareness.  A minimum of three mandatory evening concerts are scheduled during the course of the school year.  Through enrollment in Concert Band, students will have the opportunity to participate and/or audition for ECMEA and NYSSMA ensembles as well as participate in extra-curricular ensembles such as Jazz Ensemble, Pep Band, Marching Band or Pit Orchestra.  Career Paths introduced by this course include:  Musician, Composer/Arranger, Educator and other professions in the music industry.