Geometry Common Core

Geometry Common Core

  • Geometry Common Core Materials


    • A cheap pair of headphones
    • A three-ring binder (2” or greater)
    • Loose-leaf paper or spiral notebook
    • 4-pack of dry erase markers (for your use)
    • Pen, pencil, ruler
    • TI – 83 or TI – 84 Plus Graphing Calculator (or the scientific blue calculator from middle school)
    • Box of tissues for extra credit
    • No backpacks will be allowed in class
    • No phones allowed in class (they will be collected upon entry)


    Homework Assignments

    Homework will be given Monday – Friday.  Homework is due at the beginning of class. All work must be shown.  All homework will be graded.  It should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. If the homework is taking longer to complete, please see me. A zero will be given for any homework not completed.  Students who do not turn in homework, or turn in incomplete homework must come during advisement to make-up the homework for half-credit. Schoology will have all work completed in class and for homework. Parents may request a code to access the materials.    


    Regents Exams

    We will take the Common Core Regents Exam in Geometry at the completion of the course. It will count as 20% of your final average. 


    Class Notes/Warm-ups

    Class notes should be dated daily. In case of an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to retrieve the class notes and homework.  If you have been legally absent, you may complete the missing work, in a timely manner, without penalty. Missed quizzes/tests must be made up within one week during the advisement period after school. Class notes and warm-ups will be checked periodically for a grade. 


    Your Grade is made by

      40%   Tests/ Projects

      30%   Quizzes

      20%   Homework

    +10%   Class participation/Attendance

     100%   Total grade


    Class Participation is counted first by every student receiving a perfect grade. Students must actively participate in a positive manner to keep the full grade. NOTE: If you’re not in class, your participation will decrease.