AP Statistics

College Statistics

  • Mrs. Bindemann    ~   College Statistics


    • This class is primarily taught in an online format, and as a “flipped” classroom. Students are to watch the videos and do only one or two problems for homework, and the class time is used to do all of the application exercises.
    • Students will be provided with a TI-Nspire graphing calculator for their exclusive use. You may take it home, but it must be returned in June.
    • This course is aligned with GCC's Course College Statistics. There is a fee to take this course as college credit, but it is must less than current GCC students.
    • Summer work. Students were supposed to complete a “getting to know you” section online, change their profile picture and learn the rules of online posting prior to September 5th. In addition, students were to clip articles from newpapers/magazines that involve statistical analysis and/or polls, and watch the news and video record or script stories that have statistical theories utilized and/or poll results. Those grades will become and remain a zero if not completed over the summer.

    Extra Materials:

    • A cheap pair of headphones

    Homework Assignments:

    Homework is given Monday – Friday. All assignments are displayed on Schoology. I encourage you to have the student log in to Schoology at home and show you the classwork, homework and videos that make up this course.    


    Classwork grades are established by actively participate in a positive manner, and completing AP Stats work to the best of one’s ability.

    NOTE: If you’re not in class, your participation will decrease.


    Grades are made by:

      40%   Tests/ Projects

      20%   Quizzes

      20%   Online Homework on Schoology

    +20%   Classwork

    100%   Total grade