College Chemistry 1 (CHE 101) Physical Science,

    4 College Credits/1.5 High School Credits Prerequisite: Completion of Regents Chemistry with an overall average in Chemistry of 85%, Algebra and Geometry and science department recommendation.

    Chemistry 101 is an introduction to the fundamental principles of chemistry. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will understand: the basic measurement system in chemistry, ionic and covalent compounds (names and formulas), stoichiometry (mass-mole relations), reactions in aqueous solutions, gases and its properties, electron configuration and periodicity, chemical bonding and molecular geometry, thermochemistry, and the principles of organic chemistry. The course is directed to students pursuing careers in science, engineering, health and/or technology fields. A solid math/algebra background is expected from the student, a minimum of 85 on the Geometry and Chemistry Exams is required.