girl batting

    In a softball game there are 9 players on the field at once.

    Catcher, Pitcher, First baseman, Second baseman, Short stop, Third baseman, Left fielder, center fielder and Right fielder. 

    There are 7 innings in a softball game.

    In the game softball: There are 3 outs before the teams switch sides (batting team, fielding team)

    A total inning has 6 outs.  

    A batter gets 3 strikes before they are out.  A batter gets 4 balls before they are walked.

    In the game of softball when a batter has a full count it means they have 3 balls and 2 strikes.  

    In the game of softball: When ball is caught in the air (pop fly) the base runners on base should - Tag up or wait on the base. 

    In the game of softball: When a batter hits a grand slam, they score 4 runs.

    In the game of softball: The batter has two strikes and hits the third pitch foul, what happens? Answer: The batter hits again.  The batter can hit an unlimited number of foul balls.