• Tennis

    Tennis is a life-long sport.  People can play it at any age.  It is a popular sport and can be played at different levels (competitively & recreationally).

    There are many facilities around for use (school grounds, Parks) and it requires very little equipment.  You need a tennis racquet and a can of tennis balls which can be inexpensive. 

    Parts of the racquet 

    Grip, Shaft, Face & Frame

    You want to strike the ball on the strings of the racquet which are located in the face of the racquet.

    The grip is where you hold the racquet.

    The shaft determines the length of the racquet

    The frame is the structure that holds the strings (face).


    Forehand - Students should set up sideways to target.  Swings should be from low to high making sure you have a proper backswing and follow through.  Make contact with the ball in front of you and keep racquet strings pointed where you want the ball to go. 

    Backhand -  Students should set up sideways with racquet hand shoulder pointing to target.  Racquet should be back by opposite hip.  Swings should be from low to high ("drawing sword from your holster").  Make contact with the ball in front of you and keep racquet strings pointed where you want the ball to go.

    Serve Start with non-dominant side to target.  Toss the ball to the top of the racquet.  To determine the proper height of the toss, extend racquet overhead.  The TOSS is the the most important component to a good serve!  Racquet should be resting on shoulder with elbow up. Fully extend racquet overhead to strike the ball. Follow through with the racquet and bring it across the body.    Serves should be diagonal to the returner.


    Students should be clear of others and obstacles before contacting or pursuing the ball.

    Students should always hit the ball in a controlled manner.

    Students should always be aware of their own and others personal space when using a racquet indoors.

    When working in partners on a wall activity, students should be spread out and keep proper space between eachother standing at designated areas.