Role of the School Counselor

The Role of the Professional School Counselor

  • As Professional School Counselors, we work with students on an individual basis, in small groups and in their classrooms. The focus of the counseling program in on academic skills, career awareness, and personal/social skills.


    Here are some reasons students might want to talk to the School Counselor:

    • "I had an argument with my best friend and she/he doesn't want to be my friend anymore."
    • "Some kids in my science class are talking about fighting after school."
    • "My parents argue all the time and I don't know what to do."
    • "My grandfather is really sick and I'm scared he's going to die."
    • "My mom just had a baby and she doesn't have time for me anymore."
    • "We're moving again!"
    • "My dad wants me to be an engineer like him, but I want to be a pilot."

    Here are some reasons parents might want to talk to the School Counselor:

    • "This is John's third school this year, and he's having difficulty adjusting."
    • "My husband is being deployed in two weeks and Jane may need some help coping with this change."
    • "Same used to be excited about school but lately he doesn't seem to care."
    • "My wife and I recently separated and our daughter could use some help understanding this."
    • "My son/daughter seems to be the target of some teasing and bullying at school. Can you help?"