• It’s time to flip the classroom! You are going to teach us all about something that interests you.

    First, you need to think of a BIG question that cannot be answered by a simple Google search. This can be something that you have always wondered about!

    • Share your question with the teacher.
    • Use several resources or sites to pull information to share your discovery. Books, magazines, reference books, family member interviews, or Google are all great tools to learn about a topic of interest.
    • Use the Note Catcher to organize your information and sources.

    After your research you will present your learning in a variety of ways. Look at the Presentation Options page to come up with ideas to share and present your information.

    Once you are all completed with your presentation we will share your work on our classroom blog! Parents, classmates, and other teachers can see and learn from your work. There will also be times where we share your discoveries in the class!

    -Stay curious!