Alden High School Student Spotlights

    DEADLINE: January 22, 2021



    The new Student Spotlight section of the yearbook allows us to re-invent the book, personalize it, and deliver stories of the student body beyond photos. This section is intended to showcase stories of students at the High School 9-12 who have incredible tales of heroism, achievement, perserverance, talents, etc. that the rest of the student body may not know about otherwise. The Yearbook team will interview nominees to "get the scoop", get pictures, and present the story to the student body. 

    Many of you as fellow students, current or past teachers, etc, may know of a student who has a story like this. If you wouldn't mind submitting a story as a "lead" for team, please do so by clicking the icon below! Please note that we won't disclose where the tips came from for anonymity, but we do ask for references we may be able to talk to about the story.


    However, it goes without saying that it must be appropriate! Once you fill out the form below, all stories go through an approval process with the Yearbook Staff, Mrs. La Bar and Mr. Ryan.

    False stories that may make others uncomfortable are unacceptable. 

    Please be sure to be appropriate or disciplinary action could result.


    Submit Your Spotlight Lead By Clicking the Image Below: