Earth Science Lab

  • The supplies for Earth Science Lab are the same as what is needed for Earth Science Class.  Different items do not need to be purchased.  Simply bring your materials from Class to Lab.


    Lab is 1 out of 4 days.  If you are absent for your lab day you need to see me the day you return to school to make appointments during Advisement for making-up your missed labwork.  This is absolutely necessary otherwise you will lose points for everyday you do not make-up the missed work (-5% per day).


    New York State Laboratory Requirements: 

    New York State requires the following to be completed BEFORE a student is allowed to enter the Regents Exam Site.

    • Student completes all the lab time required by the Course.
    • Student completes all the required Lab Reports.
    • All completed Lab Reports have earned a grade of 65% or higher.  Any report not earning this achievement level must be corrected until it does.


    Map of the east coast of the USA