•                                            Reminder                           Reminder      Parents/Guardians must present a government-issued ID to be admitted into the building.

  • Students new to the Alden Central School District should register as soon as possible. 

     * Families sending their student to a parochial/private school must register with the district and include a transportation request if needed.  

     * Families providing homeschool education must submit a Residency Verification packet to our Central Registrar, Patti Piegdon.

     * Contact our District Clerk, Tracy Rogers, at 716-937-9116 Ext. 4171 to complete homeschool education arrangements.     

    Fax Numbers                                                      Unsupported image type. 

    District Office ----------------------------- (716) 902-2034

    High School Main Office --------------  (716) 902-2031

                        Special Ed ---------------  (716) 902-2032

                        Guidance ----------------- (716) 902-2033

    Middle School Main Office ------------ (716) 902-2035

    Intermediate School -------------------- (716) 937-3376

    Primary School -------------------------- (716) 937-9839

    Transportation --------------------------- (716) 937-3486

Registration Requirements

  • Please include copies of the following items with your completed registration packet: 

      • Birth Certificate - for each child
      • Immunization Records - for each child
      • Current Physical - must be within 1 year of enrollment date - for each child
        A Continuity of Care Document is not acceptable as a physical per New York State.
      • Custodial Documentation (if applicable) - Foster parents please include a copy of your LDSS-2999 Form - for each child
      • Two (2) forms of proof of residency; these can include any of the following:
        • Proofs from the current year can be:

            • Driver's License
            • Voter Registration Card
            • Property Tax Bill

          Proofs from the Last 30 Days can be:

            • House Deed
            • Sale Contract
            • Utility Bill
            • Notarized Landlord Affidavit
            • Real Estate Statement
            • Lease Agreement
            • Homeowner's Agreement
            • Mortgage Statement
            • Bank Statement
            • Current Rent Receipt
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  • We will request school records from your former school. However, please feel free to provide your own copies of your student's most recent report card and any special education records, IEP, or psychological reports (if applicable).

  • Please Note: 
    A completed registration form alone does not constitute registration.  A completed packet must be received along with the documentation outlined above.
    Prior to starting school, the medical information MUST be submitted.  The school nurse will contact the parent/guardian for updates, clarifications, or changes. 
    Please refer to the Immunization Requirements for School Entrance/Attendance file to confirm your child meets the Department of Health requirements.

Contact Information - Central Registrar

    Patricia Piegdon
    (716) 937-9116  Ext. 4172
    (716) 902-2034
    Alden High School
    District Office
    13190 Park Street
    Alden, NY 14004
    7:00 AM - 3:30 PM - Please call to schedule an appointment