• Megan's Law

    Under the Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA), also known as Megan’s Law, the Alden Central School District periodically receives notifications from the Erie County Sheriff's Department about registered sex offenders who are currently residing within the boundaries of the School District.  The purpose of this notification is to alert members of the community to the presence of individuals who may present a danger, particularly to children. Megan’s Law also authorizes any entity receiving information from law enforcement about registered sex offenders (i.e. the school district) to disclose or further disseminate such information, at its discretion.

    Consistent with our priority to protect children under its care, the District works in partnership with the Erie County Sheriff's Department and NYS Police to promote the safety of our students. The Erie County Sheriff's Department provides detailed information about convicted sex offenders on its website.  

    The safety of our children is everyone’s business and all of us play a role in keeping children safe from harm. Please talk to your children about contacts with strangers, taking appropriate safety measures, and encouraging them to speak with you about situations that make them feel uncomfortable. 

    If you have any questions specific to Megan’s Law or questions regarding sex offenders residing in the Village / Town of Alden, please contact the Erie County Sheriff's Department at (716) 858-7618 or the New York State Police at (716 759-6831. You may also obtain information by contacting the New York State Sex Offenders Registry at 1-800-262-3257. 

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