Spanish 7

  • Welcome - I will be using Schoology during home instruction.  Please refer to that for weekly assignments. Email is the best way to contact me:  Gracias, Sra. Santiago :) 

    All assignments on schoology are labeled as QUIZ, TEST or HOMEWORK.  HOMEWORK will have 20 attempts - you will have 20 chances to get a 100%  Any CHECKPOINT - check ofr understanding will have 5 attempts.   

    All completed Schoology assignments and grades will also be posted in PowerSchool.  If you owe an assignment, Schoology will allow you to still complete the assignment, it will be marked late.  This should assist parents in seeing what work students are completing.   

    *** Parents, if you would like access to the Schoology course, please email me and I can give you an individual parent code so that you can access your child's course work too.  *** 

     I will post the work for the week on the table for students and parents to refer to as of April 20th.  This is the work for April 14th:



    Please ask questions, we are all in this together.  We are learning how to work online together.  I make mistakes, but I am happy to fix them. :)