• 2019-2020 Art Projects

    First Day of Art/Portfolio Cover Designs:

    Our first project of the school year is always decorating our Art portfolios.  Kindergarteners learned about different types of lines and did line designs. First graders did dot paintings based on Peter Reynolds famous book, The Dot.  Second grades created lots of ish drawings based on another Peter Reynolds book, Ish.  Third graders learned about Romero Britto and created an "identity grid" in his pop art style.  Fourth graders had a blast created their names in comic book lettering.  Fifth graders learned explored street art and created their own personal tag in graffiti style lettering.

    The Art of Laurel Burch:

    Students discovered the whimsical, colorful, pattern-filled art of Laurel Burch and then each grade level completed a different Laurel Burch Inspired Bullodog.  Go, Alden Bulldogs, go!

    Aboriginal Art:

    We explored the art and culture of the the Aboriginal people in Australia.  The students really got into their famous dot paintings.  Each grade level explored Aboriginal art in a different way.

    Clay Unit:

    Every December we do a clay project which builds upon the students' previous clay/sculpture knowledge.  Kinders created ceramic heart ornaments, first graders completed a brand new project I designed- Snowflake Bentley cermaic plates, second graders made beautiful poinsettia bowls, third graders designed clay relief tiles, fourth graders created 3-D tree sculptures and fifth graders created amazing ceramic bowls with 3-D scultpural details.  This was great timing for the perfect homemade gift!

    Henri Matisse:

    This year's Square1Art fundraiser project was based on the colorful art of Henri Matisse.  I love how all of these turned out!  From Matisse-style cupcakes to free-form paper cut-outs, the students all put forth their best effort!

    Romare Bearden:

    Romare Bearden is such a fun artist to teach and I loved playing Jazz music everyday while the students worked.  The students' music-inspired mixed media artworks were truly awesome!  

    Dr. Seuss:

    We were having such fun with Dr. Seuss! Especially the first and second graders who just couldn't stop created their own Seuss-like animals and characters!