Medical Expectations and Assignments


    Students in physical education may no longer receive a ‘Inc’ in place of a numeric grade due to their being on a medical. As a physical education staff, we have decided on a realistic and meaningful way to educate and grade students who are excused from physical activity. It is meaningful in that students will research a topic related to physical education that meets New York State Standards. Students need to report to their physical education teacher at the start of each period to update the teacher on their progress. The student will then be assigned a laptop throughout the duration of the medical to complete the paper during class time. This will provide the time and resources necessary to complete this assignment.

    *NOTE* Students physically attending school who are excused for 3 to 5 consecutive class periods are expected to write one paper. 3 periods at 80 minutes each equals 4 hours. This is plenty of time, when used wisely, to complete this task.
    Adapting Physical Education for the Student with Medical Needs
         As a physical education staff, we have the ability to modify our lessons to meet the needs of those medically excused. A student who is medically excused from regular participation in physical education needs their doctor’s written permission to participate in class. This permission  needs to include the specific physical tasks the student can and can not perform .


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