• Kayaking

    Parts of the Kayak

    -Front of the kayak is known as the Bow

    -Rear of the kayak is known as the Stern

    -Main opening of kayak where you sit is known as the Cockpit

    -Foot pedals or pegs-where the kayakers feet rest

    -Grab Handles are on the bow and stern of the kayak


    Parts of the Paddle

    -The long black portion of the paddle is known as the Shaft

    -Ends of the paddle that are yellow are known as the Blades

    -Rings that prevent drips from coming in contact with grip are known as the Drip Rings


    Safety Equipment

    Lifejacket - also known as a Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

    -It is very important that you fit yourself into the PFD correctly.  There are several adjustable straps including shoulder, side and chest straps.


    Kayaking Tips For Success

    -Proper fit is essential.  Adjust foot pegs so that your knees are bent and touching the side walls of the kayak.  This helps with stability and balance when kayaking.

    -Proper Grip of that paddle is important.  Hands should be shoulder width apart and evenly held on the shaft. 

    -Kayakers should be able to read the writing on the blades. 

    -Students should practice smooth and even forward and backward strokes.  This will aid in stopping and turning of the kayak.



    -Kayaker MUST wear a properly fitted PFD.

    -Students must follow the proper procedure when entering and exiting the kayak.  This includes the stabalization of the bow and stern using the grab handles.

    -Before entering the kayak, student must SIT in the edge of the pool deck, slide feet then body into the kayak.  There is absolutely no standing in the kayak.

    -Kayakers must know their surroundings and paddle responsibly. They should be careful with their paddle blades so they do not strike others.

    -For safety reasons we ask all kayakers to travel in the same direction.  This will be counter-clockwise in the pool area.