-Dr. James Naismith invented the game in 1891.

    -It was at a YMCA in Springfield Massachusetts. 

    -The first baskets used were Peach Baskets.


    Dribbling:  Three Key points to remember when dribbling the ball:

    - Use finger tips or pads of your fingers when dribbling

    - Keep the ball at waist level or below

    - Keep your head up!

    Shooting:  Acronym used to help us remember the keys to shooting:

    B -Balance.  Balance the ball on fingertips

    E -Elbow.  Keep elbow under ball.

    E -Eyes on Target. 

    F -Follow thru.

    Passing: Students learned 3 types of Passes

    Chest Pass, Bounce Pass & Overhead Pass

    *remember elbows out and thumbs down*


    Buffer Zone Rule:  Three foot imaginary line around the person with the basketball.  Defenders may NOT reach in and steal the ball away or block shots.  The rule was designed to Increase scoring opportunities and Decrease contact.


    2 on 2 basketball (Kings Court)

    -game begins with a check at the foul line.

    -take back line is the foul line

    (free take backs)

    -must take back ball after a change in possession.

    -students will be calling their own games.  Call out of bounds, traveling, fouls, double dribble.

    -check ball after each basket, each basket worth 1 point.