Pertussis - High School Pertussis Letter 2014 - Pertussis - High School Pertussis letter

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    gale r. burstein, MD, mph, faap                                                                                

         COMMISSIONER OF HEALTH                          




    Alden High School Health Office

    13190 Park Street

    Alden, NY  14004


    Dear Parent and/or Guardian:


    We have had a case of pertussis (whooping cough) reported in our school.  Pertussis is a highly contagious disease that is spread through the air by coughing. Pertussis begins with cold symptoms and a cough. The cough progressively worsens leading to “coughing fits”. The cough is often worse at night and is usually not alleviated by cough medicines. Sometimes, even if a child has received the pertussis immunizations, they may still develop the disease.


    When a person has been in contact with someone with pertussis, under certain conditions, antibiotics may be recommended to prevent them from becoming ill. If your child is experiencing a cough, giving antibiotics early can reduce the severity of the disease and the chances of spreading the disease to others.


    Please consider the following New York State Department of Health recommendations:


    If your child is CURRENTLY ILL or becomes ill with a cough:

    1. Contact your child’s pediatrician to discuss testing and antibiotic recommendations to reduce the severity of disease and chance of spreading the disease to others.
    2. Household and close personal contacts of a pertussis case should contact their medical care providers to discuss preventive antibiotics especially infants and persons not fully immunized with pertussis.


    If you have further concerns or questions, contact your doctor or the Erie County Department of Health at (716) 858-7697.  You may also access my teacher website for more information at the High School Health Office.




    Elizabeth Martin RN, BSN

    Alden High School Nurse

    716-937-9116 X 4196