Medications In School

  • If you would like to have your child receive any type of medication in school (prescription or over-the-counter), all of the following procedures must be completed before the school nurse may dispense medications to your child. 

    1.  Have your child's physician complete a Medication Authorization Form (Click on the "Health Forms" tab at your left to print one at home, or pick one up in the Health Office).  Note: If you already have a script from the doctor which is intended for the school and contains all of the necessary information, it may be acceptable. Please check with the school nurse before submitting.

    2.  A written request by the parent/guardian must also be submitted.  Complete the "Parent Request" section on the above mentioned form, and bring the completed form (or acceptable script) to the Health Office.

    3.  The parent/guardian must then deliver all medication directly to the school nurse in a properly labeled ORIGINAL container. 

    *Important* - For the safety of all of our students, never send any prescription or over-the-counter medications in with your child.  This includes Tylenol, Motrin, cough drops, cough suckers, skin creams, lip balms etc...

    Medication orders must be renewed annually, and all medications must be picked up by the end of the school year or they will be discarded. 

    For further information or if you have more specific questions, please call Mrs. LaGrou, our school nurse. (See the "Health Office Home Page" for contact info.)