Absence Due To Illness or Injury

  • When your child is going to be absent from school for the day, please call Mrs. Williamson in the attendance office. Mrs. Williamson can be reached at 937-9116, ext. 4197.    

    When your child returns from being absent, you must send in a note on the day they return to explain their absence.  This note should include the date the note is being written, your child's first and last name,  the date(s) & reason for your child's absence, and your signature.  Please send this note to Mrs. Williamson in the attendance office.

    *Important* - When your child is absent from school for a period of 5 consecutive days or more, a doctor's note is required for readmittance to school.  Please have your doctor write one for you when you are there or ask them to fax it to Mrs. Williamson at Fax #(716) 937-1740.