Educational Philosophy

  • Mrs. Tanner's Educational Philosophy:

    “I soon discovered that leaning how to teach students wasn’t going to be a semester-long adventure, but rather a lifelong pursuit.” 

    ~Chris Tovani

    The words quoted above by Chris Tovani represent the duty I have as an educator to model to students that they have the tools and capabilities to grow and learn every day. In order to model this to students, I will get to know each of them as individuals and form strong teacher-student bonds. From this connection, I will acknowledge their unique individual learning styles and create lessons that best fit their needs. My main goal is to make learning meaningful for my students and get them active and excited about things that interest them. I believe that all students are capable of learning in a safe, structured, encouraging environment. I plan to work with parents and colleagues to form a cohesive relationship, so students’ parents, and myself can work together to support their child. I plan to consistently check students learning through a variety of assessments to see how I can improve and adapt my own teaching to meet the needs of all my students.