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  • About Me...

    I am looking forward to this year as my tenth year of teaching in Alden.  I will be Spanish 2, Freshmen Seminar, and Creative Thinking and Problem Solving at Alden High School.  I have also taught in some other schools including Akron, Clarence, and Buffalo, though I have found a home here in Alden. 



    I have traveled quite a bit, including several trips to Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, and Spain.  There, I was able to use my knowledge of the Spanish language as well as learn a lot I didn't know.  I hope to share with you a lot of what I learned throughout the upcoming school year.

    Me at Sagrada Familia 

    Me at La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain

    My interests include being outside, reading, exercising, playing cards, going to the zoo, traveling, being with friends and family,  watching the Buffalo Bills, all things having to do with Buffalo, teaching, and of course all things Spanish!

    Bear at Zoo 

    A picture from my favorite place


    ...And Go Bulldogs!!