Nomination and Candidate Information Forms

  • Thank you for taking the time to nominate our distinguished athletic alumni.  Please review the criteria for Wall of Fame induction.  Wall of Fame induction takes place every other year. The committee begins to meet in March to discuss that year's inductees.

    Information and details will be helpful to the committee. Please provide details on your nomination form and, if possible, direct the nominee to fill out the candidate information form.  Once nominated, the candidates' information remains on file and can be reviewed each year by the committee.

    The induction committee consists of long-standing teachers, former players, and coaches that have been associated with Alden Athletics.  

    The best way to send your nomination and information form is by emailing Co-Athletic Director Sandy Gauthier.

    Information can also be mailed to Alden Central Schools.

    Sandy Gauthier, Co-Athletic Director, Alden Central School, 13190 Park Street, Alden N.Y. 14004