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  • Do you need to update your address?

    Please make sure to follow the steps below in order to update your information with the Alden Central School District:

    • Download and complete the change of address form and residency questionnaire form at the bottom of this page or contact the Central Registrar at 716-937-9116 ext. 4172
    • Submit the forms by email, fax or regular mail....
      • Email 
        Mailing Address
        Alden High School
        Attention: Central Registrar
        13190 Park Street
        Alden, NY 14004
    • Provide 2 proofs of residency within 30 days of your move. Proofs of residency can be copies of any of the following documents:
    • Proofs from the current year:

      • Driver’s License
      • Property Tax Bill
      • Voter Registration Card

      Proofs from the last 30 days:

      • House Deed
      • Sale Contract
      • Current Rent Receipt
      • Utility Bill
      • Notarized Landlord Affidavit
      • Real Estate Statement
      • Lease Agreement
      • Homeowner’s Agreement
      • Mortgage Statement
      • Bank Statement
    • When sending in your proofs of residency account numbers and all financial information may be blocked off. The school only needs to verify your address, name, the outside company's information and date.

    Any questions feel free to contact the Central Registrar at

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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