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    Thesis: The Progressives tried to fix the negative aspects of the Industrial Revolution

    Documents #72 through #74 and


    Amendments passed by the Progressives:

    #16 Income Tax (Progressive nor Regressive)

    #17 Direct elections of Senators by the people and not legislators

    #18 Prohibition (Temperance, Noble Experiment, Volstead Act

    #19 women suffrage (impact Industrialization creating jobs and WWI)



    -         Referendum (direct democracy were the vote of the people determines the outcome not possible corrupt representatives)

    -         Initiative (people can get issues placed directly on the ballot by bypassing a corrupt legislative body

    -         Recall ( a type of direct impeachment and conviction by the people so corrupt elected officials can’t protect other corrupt officials)

    -         Secret Ballot (weakens the intimidation political machines used when the vote was public)

    Muckrakers expose problems (journalists – print and photo) so they can be addressed

    -         Jacob Riis (book How the Other Half Lives- details in pictures the negatives of city life)

    -         Upton Sinclair (book The Jungle – problems in the meat packing industry)

    -         Ida Tarbell (pamphlet on the cut – throat tactics of Standard Oil Trust)

    -         Jane Addams (Hull House/ Settlement Homes  -- assimilation of immigrants)

    -         Lincoln Steffens (Corruption in the city)

    President Teddy Roosevelt (Domestic Program called the Square Deal or the New Nationalism

    -         Trust-busting --- regulation

    -         Conservation --- National Parks

    -         Pure food and Drug Act

    -         President Taft (Republican), Woodrow Wilson (Democratic candidate for President) and ex-President Teddy Roosevelt ran as a third party candidate (Bull Moose/ Progressive Party)

    -         Thought child labor was “evil”


    President Woodrow Wilson as a Progressive (New Freedoms name of domestic program)

    -         Tariffs down so competition up (internal competition doesn’t exist because of Monopolies)

    -         Taxes (Progressive – the more you make the more you pay--instead of a Regressive tax

    -         Trusts (Wilson called them “evil”)

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