8th Grade Technology

  • Welcome to 8th Grade Technology

    Students in 8th grade Technology will be in this course for thirteen weeks.  Each student will create scale Isometric Drawings of a Soma Cube, build the pieces, then design & build a development of a box to store the cube.  In the Construction unit, each student will understand how our resources are used to build homes, office buildings, highways, and other various structures.  The second project the students will work on is designing a Floor Plan of a home.  We will discuss various scales and building codes to consider when developing a functional / realistic plan.  In this unit we will be addressing the learning standard 5.1 where each student will develop plans including: drawings, scale measurements, details of construction, etc.  Lastly will be an Independent Project that the students develop, design and build on their own with minor assistance from the instructor.  Knowledge and experiences from 6th, 7th, & 8th grade Technology will be utilized.