My Teaching Philosophy

  • My Teaching Philosophy

    I believe that a teacher should be a facilitator of learning. Students enter a classroom with a wide range of gifts and talents developed through years of experiences and learning opportunities. My purpose is to help students develop the talents and discover new talents. Each student's unique talents and skills will determine their success in life and their ability to add value in a career field, their family, and the various communities of which they are members.

    My experiences in life and education have shown me that learning takes place in a variety of ways. Students need to be able to learn in all the ways shown in the Learning Pyramid below. My instructional approach in the classroom attempts to drive the learning experiences toward the bottom in order to promote the highest level of learning retention possible.

    I am very grateful to have the honor of being part of your educational process. I sincerely hope that our time together is well spent and beneficial to you.

    Some notes about the Professionalism of my Grading Policy ...

    Attendance - Grade may fluctuate over marking period.  Loss of 1 point per absence. Point earn back with evidence of time spent learning and working on project outside of regular class time.

    Adaptability and Problem Solving - Grade may fluctuate over marking period. Score is based on students ability to make continuous progress despite encountering technical or social obstacles in class.

    Collaboration and Team Work - Grade may fluctuate over marking period. Working to the student's potential to learn as much as possible and improve the learning of other in the class. A maximum score implies a students stays focused, is not distracting, help others without being asked, and generally make the classroom a better place to learn.