Course Assignments and Projects

  • This page guides students toward the projects and assignements for CEIP.

    Follow the link to the current marking period to see the assignments that due.

    Feel free to work ahead into future marking period assignments.

    Some things to consider ...

    DAILY ... Sign-Out Procedure (included in Professionalism Grade)

    • Enter your weekly work site hours in the CEIP Time Record Google Doc.
      • Do this one week in advance for the benefit of you AND your mentor.
      • When you leave, you must go directly home or to your work site. 
      • Be Professional and do not waste time.
        • If you need to change clothes, bring them to school.
        • You may not go home, or elsewhere, for lunch or to run errands.
      • Sign-out in the Main Office
        • MANDATORY - any time you are not with me in the classroom
        • include time and destination
      • Check in with Mr. Turton weekly
        • Attend Class Monday OR Tuesday

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