Marking Period 1

  • We will be working through the following tasks (go to the bottom and work your way up) ...

    Assignment - INTERN APPRAISAL FORM - due BEFORE end of each marking period

    • Print the "Student intern Appraisal Form" from the Intern Handbook page of my website.
    • Discuss the form with your mentor. Do NOTjust drop it off on their desk or mailbox. Allow them a few minutes to scan it over and ask for clarification if needed.  Mention that you need to sit with them for a few minutes and discuss their completed appraisal before you bring the form back to me.
    • Return the completed form to me by 10/30 (rearlier is better).
    • Repeat theis procedure each marking period.

    Assignment - Class Discussion Topics

    • Read the text thoroughly enough to prepare answers and lead a class discussion on the Review Concepts and Critical Thinking Questions (#2 - #9) for one of the topics below:
      • Know Yourself - pg 46
      • You and the Work World - pg 25
      • Positive Attitude - pg 236
    • Prepare your answers and thoughts concisely in a google doc titled: CEIP-lastname-discussion.
    • Add the discussion topics for each marking period to the same doc, just label them with the marking period in which they will be discussed.
    • Let me know in advance when you want the class to discuss you topic. My hope is to have half the class present or more for the discussion.
    • Make a brief entry in your journal about something you learned during the discussion.  Do this when others lead their discussion topics too.

     Assignment - Get ahead while you can ...

    Internships start off at different paces.  Some interns will be placed and working hours in the first week.  Others will take several weeks or even a month or two to get into the groove due to a variety of constraints that affect this type of program.  If youor internship is starting "slowly", GET BUSY ON FUTURE ASSIGNMENTS. They are all listed on this site by marking period and you will thank or kick yourself later depending on how your spend your time now.

    Assignment - PROFESSIONALISM (due Daily, 10% of each marking period grade)

    • Daily attendance - in class or signed out to work site
      • IF all work is up-to-date, you may sign-out elsewhere
      • Call the Attendance Office (937-9116 x4197) when you safely arrive at your destination.
    • Time Records - up to date (Google Spreadsheet)
    • Contact Info - accurate (Google Spreadsheet)
    • Communication - proactive with coordinator and mentor
      • check in with me casually when you see me or formally during class time.
      • refer to the grades online regularly and resolve issues before the end of the marking period
      • check your email daily and reply promptly if appropriate
      • smile and say hello when you randomly see me in the halls
    • Planning
      • use class time effectively
      • balance other time commitments (job, academics, athletics, ...)
      • find ways to make successes not excuses
      • do NOT put off many assignments until the last few days of the marking period
    • Class Participation
      • add constructively to discussions
      • show body language that implies interest and engagement in the class
      • demonstrate maturity with peers

     Assignment - TASK LIST - due each marking period

    • Meet with your Worksite Mentor.
    • Prepare a list of 6-10 general tasks that you will be working on during your internship experience. 
    • Agree on a time period to accomplish the tasks.  Be as specific as possible (perhaps a date).
    • These tasks will be used to build your training plan and will provide an individual evaluation sheet, which your mentor will use to evaluate you each marking period (See Intern Appraisal Form below).  The tasks should reflect the routine and needs of the mentor.
    • A target of 4 - 5 planned hours per week allows for a nice routine and the occasional higher reponsibility task.
    • Add the list to your Intern Journal one time per marking period and clearly label it.

    Assignment - Intern Journal - Due Weekly - started by week 1

    • Create a Google Doc titled: CEIP-Lastname-Journal
    • Just set it up for now and Share it with me (as a collaborator).
    • a few suggestions...
      • add a date and time period and total time (9/16/09     1 - 2:30pm      1.5 hours) for each entry
      • perhaps go to Insert - horizontal rule (or something) to break up the days and keep things neat and organized.  
      • add sufficient detail to make it obvious that you are engaged in critical thinking (need help - ask me) 
    • Your Journal Entry for each date of work should relate to:
    • Today, I learned .....

    • Questions I asked .....

    • Activities I did ....

    • Challenges I faced ...

    • I felt successful today because ....

    • Frustrations I faced today .... and I will overcome it (them) by ...

    Assignment - Contact a Pro 

    • Call a professional in your career area.  It should be someone with whom you are comfortable speaking.  Their career does not need to be your internship area, but try to get close. 
    • Prepare questions in advance.
      • Let them know why you are calling/meeting with them.
      • Some ideas for topics of conversation/questions include ...
        • education or training required
        • future employment opportunities in whatever part of the world you plan to live one day
        • weekly work schedule
        • pros/cons of the career
        • tips for you as your begin your career journey
        • thanks for their time
    • Summarize the conversation in your google intern jopurnal 

    Assignment - Internship Checklist - Phase 2 - Placement 

    • Get your Red CEIP Folder.
    • Meet with me to discuss Phase 2.  Keep the sheet in the folder.
    • See the CEIP Kick-off Checklist.
    • Call, and speak with, your supervisor.

    Assignment - Letter of Introduction

    • Create your igoogle account.
    • Name the File as: CEIP - lastname - intro letter.
    • Write a Letter of Introduction from you to your Work Site Mentor using google docs.
      • Discuss the skills you can bring to the work site.
      • Discuss what you hope to gain from the experience.
      • Discuss your possible career pathways.
    • Share the letter with me at
    • Share the letter with one or more students in our class.
    • Critique the letters of one or more other students.
    • Formalize your letter.
      • Copy/Paste the Google Doc into a Word Doc with a Business Letter format.
      • Add the work site's address and your mentor's name and title (if known).
      • Ask a peer and I to review the letter again.
      • Print an envelope with the address on it. Send it

     Assignment - Internship Checklist - Phase 1 - Application Process - Due by week 2

    • Get your Red CEIP Folder.
    • Meet with me to discuss Phase 1.  Items include ...
      • CEIP Application
      • Letter of Recommendation
      • Interview with Mr. Turton
    • Keep the sheet in the folder.
    • Include your SIGNED Early Release Form.

     CEIP Course Overview

    • Discuss our expectations for this course.
    • Organize your work site placements.
    • Become familiar with the CEIP Student Handbook.

    To access files from Sharepoint ...  login as ALDENSCHOOLS\username or