Course Outline

  • CEIP Course Outline

    54 hours of in-school instruction


                 I.      Orientation to Internship Program 

    -          Handbook and Document Review


              II.      Attributes for Successful Employment

    -          Dress, habits, ethics, work place norms


           III.      Career Opportunities/Development

    -          Networking, CO-OP, Continuing Education Pathways


           IV.      Health/Safety on the Job

    -          OSHA


              V.      Sexual harassment issues/precautions        

    -          Title VII


           VI.      The Working Teenager                                                                   

    -          Worker’s rights; working papers;     wage-hour regulations; prohibitive hours/occupations; work and school balance; pay – gross/net; withholding allowances; Federal/State/FICA taxes; other


        VII.      Job search information

    -          Considerations and criteria


     VIII.      Job application skills

    -          completing applications, resume, cover letter, interviews, thank you letters, follow-up letters


           IX.      Evaluation Seminars

    -          Peer critique, teacher review, public presentation


              X.      Applied Academic-Occupational Skills                                           

    -          applied math, applied communications, teamwork, human relations, critical thinking, problem solving-decision making skills, other


           XI.      Journal Entry

    -          Daily job log, Weekly Blog comments, personal weekly journal