The Right Way to Complete the Obstacle Course

  • The "Right Way" to Complete the Obstacle Course

    Most of you have learned, the hard way, that random attempts at developing a robot and program to accomplish a series of tasks is inefficient. This project is designed to convince you that developing a plan with the entire goal in mind (engineering) is worth the initial time investment.

    Robot Obstacle Course Project Rubric
    1. Sketch the Course, in your journal ...
      • Draw a scale map of the course. [5 pts]
      • Number points in the course were your robot with need to perform a function.[5 pts]
      • Create a list of steps that corresponds to each step number. 
        • Name each step. (ex. move 18", turn 90 degrees, play sound, ...) [5 pts]
        • Leave enough space (5 lines) between each number. [2 pts]
    2. Design your Robot (scrap your current design)
      • Determine, and write down your maximum dimensions. [2 pts]
      • List sensors you will use. Use at least 2 for full credit. [2 pts]
      • Sketch your robot and show the major components. [2 pts]
      • Dimension your sketch and label the components. [5 pts]
      • Build your robot. [5 pts]
    3. Write your program algorithm.
      • For each step, write down the program module you will use and data you will need for the module settings (seconds, rotations, distance, ...). [5 pts]
      • Ask a classmate to review your algorithm. Write down who you asked and the suggestions they gave you. [2 pts]
      • Make changes as needed and put a * next to ideas you gained from others. [2 pts]
      • Get approval from Mr. Turton before continuing to programming. [2 pts]
    4. Create your EV3 Program
      • Use the software to create your ENTIRE program. [5 pts]
      • Ask a classmate to review your program to verify it matches your algorithm. [2 pts]
      • Write down who checked your program. Have them sign and date your journal. [2 pts]
    5. Test your robot on the course.
      • First attempt your testing on the floor in open space. Write down major malfunctions and your corrections. [2 pts]
      • When ready, attempt the course. Write down major malfunctions and your corrections. [5 pts]
      • Keep trying per the points below.
    6. Run the Course
      • Runs program and moves forward from start zone. [2 pts]
      • Stays on course inside black lines. [2 pts]
      • Pass the large blue block. [2 pts]
      • Pass the green disk. [2 pts]
      • Move to far end of 1st side. [2 pts]
      • Turn around blue strange shape. [2 pts]
      • Turn at least 360 degrees in blue and gold box. [2 pts]
      • Play a sound while in the blue and gold box. [2 pts]
      • Pass the red pipe without moving it out of its red box. [2 pts]
      • Pass the orange column without moving it out of its yellow box. [2 pts]
      • Pass the blue barrier. [2 pts]
      • Park in the red, white, and blue END zone. [2 pts]
    7. Self Evaluate per this rubric (before you show me!)
      • Record your best attempt and/or invite me to watch your robot perform. [2 pts]
      • Write a few sentences about what you learned during this project. [9 pts]
      • Show were you lost points. [5 pts]
      • Write your total score here _____/100.