My Small Biz Project

  • My Small Biz Project

    Project Brief - You have been dreaming of owning your own business since high school. You are now 30 years old.  You managed to save up $65k in your own savings, plus $45k inheritance from your rich aunt who sadly passed away last year, plus a $50k business loan from a bank that reviewed your business plan and trusts you will pay back the money with interest (@ 6.75% annually).

    Project Organization

    • Create a doc (google or Word) titled: DA103-lastname-your biz name. Share it with me at or create a FOLDER in the Dropbox.
    • Identify the products or service you will sell.
    • Use the doc/folder as a place to collect links, images, data, info to develop your business.


    Target Demographic

    • Find a good definition of "target demographic" and add it to your doc.
    • List the following information about your intended customers.  


    Location - Location - Location

    • Identify a specific building that is real and currently available for purchase or rent (lease).
    • Use an internet map application to show the location of your business.
      • You will need to capture several different zooms.
      • Identify where you competition is located. It may or may not show on your map, but list a distance from your business.



    • Interior Design
      • Use to create a layout (walls, windows, tables, computers, sofa, rest rooms, kitchen, storage, .... what ever you need to operate your business).
    • Exterior Design
      • What colors scheme will you choose?
      • What signage will be needed?



    • Expenses
      • Find a Template in Excel that you think will work well.
      • Identify at least 12 expenses for your business (rent, utlitities, ...)
        • Show how your expenses vary each month for years 1 and 2 of your new business.
        • The monthly payroll numbers will be updated by formulas in th ePayroll Sheet you will create.
    • Payroll
      • Create a sheet in your Excel Budget File to analyze your payroll.
      • Use this link,, to help create the formulas you will need to calculate the net pay for each employee.  Of course, the gross pay is what you, the employer, are actually responsible for.
    • Income
      • Determine at least 6 sources of income for your business (sales of what?).  Make logical categories for your sales (ie: for a restaurant ... deserts = cookies, ice cream, pie, ...)
      • Show how your income varies each month for years 1 and 2 of your new business.



    • Internet Customer Communication
    • Use to present info and get feedback from your customers. This can serve as a simple webpage.
    • Include at least 5 posts. Consider: special offers to club members, new product/service introductions, link to your location in a map, show your logo, poll or survey, show your store layout/floorplan.



    • Slide 1 - business name, logo
    • Slide 2 - what you do, .jpeg image of your floorplan
    • Slide 3 - chart of your expenses, discuss major contributors 
    • Slide 4 - chart of your income, discuss annual profit 
    • Slide 5 - purpose of your blog  
    • Slide 6 - list 3 or more challenges, difficulties, or things you learned with this project
    • handout with name and date in header, 6 slides per page