Video Game Design

  • Video Game Design

    We will not have time to explore this topic as a class.  However, if you want to explore this topic on your own, see what you can learn from the info below.

    Game Design Initiative Showcase at Cornell University presented info at this link: 

    For Video Game Design, this is a must see web site. Past participants and their games are also posted on this site. The showcase featured the following platforms: mobile apps, Facebook, XBox, iPad, Wii, and PlayStation.

    The other Video Game Design resource I wanted to share with you is  Game Development with XNA. This was released in November via the Computer Science Teachers Association.

    “Game Development with XNA: Semester 1is an exciting an engaging computer science course that enables students to apply their CS skills to create games and simulations for social causes.

    Three projects highlight the intersection between traditional programming education, game design, and social issues. In Super Audio Kart, students learn about exception handling to make a racing game for visually impaired players. In BearforLife, students use conditional compilation to tests a button-massing duel between two bead makers. In Nashville 1960, students recreate a sit-in protest at a segregated lunch counter using object-oriented programming.

    The XNA Game Studio is a professional game development environment for developing interactive applications for the PC, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone in C#.

    free curriculum package includes a Teacher Roadmap, daily lesson plans, demonstration projects, video tutorials,, lab assignments and solutions, and assessment tools. The teaching resources and C#/XNA software are free.

    The teaching tools can be downloaded in four zipped files listed at: It is suggested that the files be saved and unzipped on the desktop before being moved to storage folders.  Contact for additional information."