3D Printing

  • Alden High School has a 3D printer that is available for student use.

    The 3D printing process for the ACHS Innovation Lab:
    1. Get Teacher Approval of your design concept and reason for printing the object.
    2. Design the object using CAD software. (Autodesk Inventor, tinkercad.com, others)
    3. Save the CAD file into a format that is 3D printable. (.stl, .obj, others)
    4. Import the 3D printable file into Makerware (available in the Innovation Lab or at home with the free download from www.makerbot.com)
    5. Ensure the file looks appropriate (size, placement, ...) on the virtual build plate.
    6. Get teacher approval of the Makerware file AND the printing specifications (supports, print rate, honeycomb, ...)
    7. Export the Makerware "filename.thing" file onto a flash (USB) drive.
    8. Insert the flash drive (USB) into the 3D printer.
    9. Locate the file and select print.
    10. Do NOT touch the printer or object until it finishes printing or stops due to an error/malfunction.
    11. Carefully remove the printed object.
    12. Clean off the build plate.  Examine the blue build plate tape for wear/damage.
    13. Remove your flash drive and go away.  :)
    Note: There are other ways to print via connecting a computer or via a network.  However, these are advanced an only may be done with close teacher supervision.

    Here is a quick example of how 3D printing looks with our style of printer:

    We have the Makerbot 5th Generation Desktop 3D Printer described below: