• Use the links below to practice. Use the proper form, home row keys, ...

    See the current classes' typing records.  Let me know if you break a record for extra credit. Create a Word or Google Doc and insert a "Print Screen" image of your results for evidence.  Type the Story Name above the image.

          Typing Test

    You need to set the test for 3 minutes and get 100% accuracy. 


    Current Typing Speed and Accuracy Record Holders

    Text                           Set by                 Date        Net WPM    Block

    • Astronauts                                                  
    • Aesop’s Fables                                          
    • Enchanted Typewriter                         
    • Irrational Side of Managerial ... ing       
    • Rules of Baseball                                  Dan Basinski        9-28-10       77                3  
    • Test Instructions                                    Joelle Schwab        9-29-10       63                3  
    • Tigers in the Wild                                
    • Today’s Env. Headlines                    
    • Today’s Sports Headlines              
    • Wizard of Oz                                       
    • Zebra – Africa’s Striped Horse        

    Past ALL TIME SCHOOL RECORDS are on the linked file below.

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