Alden CSD District Goals

  • The mission of the Alden Central School District is to encourage the development of lifelong learners who will become responsible adults.  By emphasizing the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes in a safe, nurturing environment, our graduates will be prepared to lead rewarding and successful lives.

    We will:

    • Continue to articulate and refine a visionary technology plan that is highlyengaging, intensely personal and technologically connected to 21st century skills. Technology will support an expansion of opportunities for learning.

    • Support a community coalition that builds upon collaboration with local government, businesses, and organizations to increase services and opportunities for our Alden community.

    • Utilize data-driven evaluation processes and provide feedback that is clear, succinct, and dedicated to continuous improvement.

    • Design and provide a well-articulated curriculum and instructional program based upon New York State standards, research-based practices, 21st century skills and professional experiences of educators to meet the individual instructional needs of each student to prepare them for college and career readiness.

    • Develop budgets that exhibit long-range fiscal responsibility to our community and ensure the integrity of our program and physical space.