Employment - Career Opportunities at the Alden Central School District

  • For further information regarding employment at the Alden Central School District please contact:
    Sandy Conrad
    (716) 937-9116, 4172

    Alden Central School participates in the WNY School Application System, a consortium of schools brought together to offer an on line application process to prospective teachers and administrators. Applicants complete a thorough application which is stored in a shared database.

    Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

    • Documents such as resumes, transcripts and letters of recommendation can be attached to the application.

    • When the application is complete, the applicant receives confirmation via e-mail.
    • Districts post positions on the site

    • Applicants can attach their application to the posting or leave it in the general database. 

    • Individual districts can only see applications where the applicant has explicitly checked that district

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