Byzantine Empire

  • Byzantine Empire

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    The Byzantines

    The Church in the Byzantine Empire

      Byzantine Empire

      The Great Empire: The Byzantines

    Byzantine Empire

    The Hagia Sophia

    The Eastern Orthodox Church




    305 AD

    Constantine became co-emperor of Rome.

    324 AD

    Constantine becomes sole ruler of Rome.

    Accepts Christianity.

    330 AD

    Constantinople becomes capital of Roman Empire

    337 AD

    Constantine dies.

    Sons of Constantine rule


    Julian, a general, rules


    Series of other emperors

    430 AD

    Roman Empire in the west fell.

    527 AD

    Justinian, a Macedonian, rules Byzantine Empire

    532 AD

    Theodora, Justinian's wife, convinces husband to fight rebellion.

    Rebels were trapped and 300,000 killed.

    542 AD

    Plague strikes Constantinople.

    Killed 10,000 people a day. By end of summer 300,000 had died.

    700 AD

    Byzantine Empire reduced to Greek territories.

    Now had one religion, one language, and one culture.

    726 AD

    Emperor Leo III bans icons


    Eastern Ortodox and Roman Catholic churches separate.

    1100s AD

    Empire's borders were safe, not as many soldiers needed.

    1453 AD

    Turkish armies capture Constantinople.


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